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Green Life

Thinking for Tomorrow...Making Changes Today

As the pressure and demand for natural resources continues to rise, progressive attitudes towards innovation, global social responsibility, and responsible environmental practices are responding to the challenge.

AGIANT began with a vision to be an environmentally responsible company and we are committed to our goal. Our primary products are 100% recyclable aluminum and we continuously seek new practices and products consistent with our objectives.

In keeping with these values, we actively engage in local and overseas activities along these lines, believing it is important that we do what we can, where we can, and to try to create a company culture that incorporates these values into our daily practices.

A place where innovative ideas can grow, and where a balanced and positive approach towards environmental stewardship can make a positive difference...not only in our business, but also in life and the world in which we live.

As we grow, we look forward to sharing our vision and appreciate your time and interest. Listed below are few simple ways we have found to make a difference and hope you will find the suggestions helpful.

At the company level, some of the practices we have chosen to adopt are:

  • Regular recycling of waste products such as shredded paper, shipping boxes, aluminum cans and foil products.

  • Switching our thermostats from standard to programmable allowing automatic adjustments to regulate heating and cooling at all times of the day.

  • Conversion of lighting to more energy efficient models across the board.

  • Regulation of turning the lighting off to reduce energy use when the last employee gets out of the room.

  • Establishment of a successful recycling program. Our warehouse staffs accumulate all of the empty boxes and send them to a recycling center periodically.

  • Establishment of an employee recycling program. Encourage our employees to bring their household items from home to the office for recycling.

  • Establishment of a scrap paper reuse and recycling program. Encourage our employees to collect and reuse the scrap papers for printing the internal documents.

  • Awareness programs to inform and educate all employees of our energy use and environmental ideas, and encourage employees using environmentally friendly products Green products) for business as well as personal life.

  • Attendance and participation of major events (ex. The Earth Day event) related to energy conservation and environmental ideas that are hosted by local community and organizations.

In our overseas manufacturing facilities we are also trying to achieve similar goals. Some of the impact we have made there include:

  • Installation fan systems to increase employee comfort and enhance safety.

  • Installation of the new air conditioning systems to increase employee comfort.

  • Planting of trees and lawns to improve air quality.

  • Development of awareness programs to inform and educate department heads and general employees of our energy use and environmental ideas.

  • Establishment of a successful recycling program for cardboard boxes, industrial wastes & defective productions.

  • Development of guidelines on printer use to reduce paper and ink waste.

At the employee level, the creativity, commitment, and spirited involvement of AGIANT staff members have been instrumental in achieving not only many of the accomplishments listed above, but in many other ways. Among the many suggestions and examples in this area are:

  • Involvement in local area trash pickups.

  • Delivery of recyclables on personal time.

  • Development and selection of environmental awareness content.

  • Selection of and participation in local awareness events.

  • Participation in individual recycling programs at home.

  • Participation in the employee recycling program that the company offers.

  • Personal financial contributions.

  • Adopting other lifestyle practices that promote environmental responsibility.

  • Responsible disposal of hazardous home chemicals and waste.

  • Use of “green” products at home.

If you need assistance in locating a recycling center near you, please feel free to use the locator below.

Also, if you have other comments or suggestions, please feel free to submit them via the "contact us" section of our website