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Custom Program

Did you know that AGIANT can produce pans with your custom designs?

Though AGIANT carries a unique and complete line of food packaging products, we understand our customers may need something specialty for their application. To help our valuable customers any way we can, we offer the Custom Program and help turn your designs into realities.

The AGIANT products are manufactured and imported overseas, which gains us the competitive edge and incentives. In the Custom Program we are not only assisting you in producing your custom projects, but also passing the incentives to you, our valuable customers. You design it! We produce it! We deliver it!

How it works

Minimum Order:       Varies on custom designs, to be determined upon the submittal of the spec design
Mold Fees:       Varies on custom designs, range from $1,500 to $8,500, to be determined upon the submittal of the spec design
Mold & Sample Lead Time:       80 - 90 days from the remittance of mold fees
Order Lead Time:       70 - 90 days from date of receipt of PO
Capacity of Container:       20' Load - 280-360 Cases (varies on items)
40' Load - 560-720 Cases (varies on items)
Payment Terms:       Mold fees - Must be remitted before mold & sample development
Bulk - 50% Deposit and balance due prior to delivery
Payment Methods:       Business/ Personal Checks, Money Order, Cashier Check, Wire Transfer or PayPal

How to order

Simply call us and let one of our knowledgeable sales staff assist you. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have on minimum, pricing, terms, plans, and details.

Call 800-851-4983 or email to submit your custom project and let our knowledgeable Sales Representatives help you complete the project details and work up the best plan that works for you today!